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"To provide our clients with high-quality, innovative services performed in a timely and cost effective manner."
SAFETY - Protecting our workforce, our clients and the general public from injuries and hazardous incidents is an esstential factor in all we do. Because of this a ďsafety firstĒ policy has been integrated into all areas of our operation and is put into practice by all J2S personnel on a daily basis. The emphasis we place on safety has enabled us to successfully manage the risks inherent in our industry, control costs and provide a secure, sensible, and productive work environment for our employees and our clients.

SPEED - Our corporate office is in San Antonio Texas but we have drill rigs for quick accessibility in West Texas. All necessary personnel and equipment can be readily mobilized to access any project site.

EFFICIENCY - We are committed to providing cost effective solutions that consistently meet or exceed project requirements. This commitment blended with the innovative thinking of our personnel and research backed equipment and technologies add significant value to the professional services we offer our clients.

QUALITY - Delivering high quality services is a key focus of our business. Quality isnít something we test for after the job is done. Itís a way of doing business, an integral part of our daily activities, something we instill in our personnel and something we build into our equipment and technologies.


Our company is known by the clients we have done work for as fast, efficient and safety oriented! We strive to set ourselves apart by continually delivering cost effective, client focused solutions to even the most complex project requirements. We have been able to uphold this level of performance by remaining focused on four fundamental principles of our corporate philosophy:
One J2S Drilling Inc began in December of 2007 and since then we have drilled to date over 1000 jobs for clients all over the State of Texas. We have also done a considerable amount of work in the state of New Mexico and have done work as far north as Montana and as far east as West Virginia. Our corporate office is in San Antonio Texas but we have drill rigs for quick accessibility in West Texas.
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